Peteh, Peteh, Peter Pan


We got a lot of rain this last week end. Lots. On Monday night we turned them out for the last run of the night. This is what Pete came in looking like.

I thought holy smokes dog, what were you doing out there?

He never admitted to anything.

In fact, he sat there and blatantly said “Nothin’ momma.”

Does that look like the face of an innocent greyhound? I think not.

Since he wasn’t telling me anything, I toweled him off, noticed a tear in his skin just in front of his ear and we went to bed.

As day light approached, I could see something in the yard that didn’t belong. All of the dogs went up to it and gave it the obligatory sniff and walked away.

I walked out to the middle of the acre and immediately knew what had happened. Pete was protecting his turf. Vermin be damned.


I got a whole lot more excited about the wound when I saw this.

Yes, stitches and antibiotics.

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  1. Clever boy Pete! As soon as I saw the top photo I had an idea what he’d been up to and I didn’t notice the cut in front of his ear. He just has the look of a bloke who has been in a fight and would probably do it all again to protect his turf and family.

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