Healing quite nicely


Over the years we’ve had a ton of procedures done and many teeth pulled. Their recovery time varied from hours to days.

Sara on the other hand, did all of her healing in 10 minutes. Her recovery has been the fastest and the easiest of all.

When we picked her up the day of the surgery, she was really groggy, wouldn’t even lift her head… walking out of the clinic wasn’t an option so we used gurney to get her out to the car. All the way home she slept and when we drove in the driveway, she didn’t even lift her head.

Ever so carefully, Karen and I slipped a blanket under her and began carrying her into the house. We laid her down in the laundry room so that Karen could clear the way for us into the living room and that girl stayed fast asleep, never moving a muscle.

All of a sudden without warning she stood on her feet and walked up the ramp into the house. She never once gave us a lick of trouble.

You go girlfriend!

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