Seriously Fergie, did you have to do that? This was my response, no remorse, just a fergitude.

I have mentioned Fergie’s cat-like need to be up high. We have spent hours high-proofing our house so that the little fathead would be safe.

Since time and eternity we have had a table out on our patio. It sat beneath the window and in the heat of the summer Karen and I would sit out there in the evening and enjoy a cup of coffee. In fact, we’ve enjoyed many cups of coffee out there.

Until today. Little Miss Fergie, aiming for the stars jumped up on the table and must have hit the window just right with her muzzle. Yes, as you hold your breath your thoughts are correct. She broke the window.

No greyhounds were harmed in this latest ferginanigan, but sheesh.

It was just a storm window. The table has moved to one of our garden areas. The cardboard and duct tape that is currently in place of what used to be a window should definitely earn us a place in House Beautiful.

3 Replies to “Fergitude”

  1. Ha ha ha! Oh my gosh! If she’s not related to Flattery in some way, I’d be darned surprised! I’m glad she wasn’t hurt, but my guess is that her head is much too hard for a mere window to even ring her bell!

  2. Hahaha! I’m glad she’s not mine. How are you ever able to relax? I’d be terrified of what she’d do next!

    She’s extraordinarily cute, though.

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