Anatomy of a pawdicure

Left foot   

Fergie’s paws are so dry and cracked and riddled with corns. Corns seem to be a greyhound thing. They are also perpetual, I don’t know if they every really go away.

Right foot   

Except for the corns, they look like my feet at the end of the summer when I have only worn Birkenstocks from sun up to sun down.

Unless of course, I spring for frequent pedicures.

And so, Fergie shall have pawdicures.

This paw is looking so much better after a week of pawdicures. All of the pads looked like the one towards the back.

Soaking in warm sea salt water   

Isn’t this why every body has loaf pans? We use just the basic sea salt in warm water. Her pads have been so tender, trimming the toe nails is out of the question right now. Hopefully soon and I am thinking hot pink nail polish is her color.

Creams and lotions   

We started out using Bag Balm, great grandma’s cure for everything. That stuff is so greasy though, so we made a trip to our local Nature’s Pet Market with checkbook in hand and walked out with with butters and creams.

Meatloaf pans, butters and creams… sounds like we ought to be baking instead.

The paw massage   

After a good soaking, Karen gently massages Fergie’s paws rubbing the creams and lotions into the pads.

Oh the joys. I feel the need for an early summer pedi coming on.


Of course there was no escaping the pet store without fashion forward boots to allow the the cream to soak in.

These are Muttluks. They are all weather so she can wear them outside. She’s only lost one of the once, so they seem to stay on pretty well.

We also have a pair of Therapaws, but she seems more comfortable in these.

Her pads are responding remarkably well. Once we get the dried and cracked part healed, then we will really go to work on the corns.

There is a great Facebook group called Greyhounds with Corns. It is definitely worth joining if your greyhound has corns. There are a million ways of dealing with the stupid things and it seems no two dogs respond the same way.

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