It’s been a challenging week


Last summer when Flo’s cardiac condition was diagnosed, her cardiologist gave us four months to a year. On Sunday Flo’s respirations increased and her breathing was a little more labored. I knew a visit to the vet was first in line for Monday morning.

Her heart has gotten a little bigger than the last x ray and she fluid on her lungs. The vet increased her lasix and she seems to be a little more comfortable.


While I was giving the dogs their morning run, I noticed that Joey was limping. A limp nearly always sends me into hysterics. They are rarely just a limp in our world. Joey will be 14 in May. Because he has always been so afraid of everything in his world, taking him to the vet is not an easy thing to do, in fact, to do anything with him involves some sedation. When I noticed a large lump behind his shoulder on his rib, I knew I had no choice but to take him a long with Flo.

The vet did x rays and a needle aspirate. We are still waiting for the biopsy results, but it’s about 95% conclusive we are looking at cancer. Because it is on the ribs, and Joey is so hard to do anything medical with and because he is nearly 14, we will do everything we can to keep him comfortable.


Just under Sara’s chin toward the back of her jaw is a hard, marble-sized lump. So yes, after taking Flo and Joey yesterday, it was back to the vet today with Sara. The vet did a needle aspirate and said that it wasn’t an infection, it is something we are going to have to surgically remove and we will send it in for a biopsy at that time.

Poor little Sara is scheduled for surgery January 2 unless it looks like it is getting bigger, in which case I will get her in sooner.

Poor babies.

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  1. Polly and I are sending Flo,Joey and Sara positive healing thoughts and huge hugs (((Flo, Joey & Sara))).

    Hope despite this worry, I hope you can all have a lovely Christmas.

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