Oh Fergie oh Fergie

Mud anyone   

I’m trying to remember the last time we had a young lady in the house. It seems like most of our girls have come to us as gentle ladies.

Then came Fergie.

So, we’ve had a bit of rain, apparently Fergie found the best mud puddles on the acre. And yes, she raced into the house looking like this. At first glance without my glasses on it looked like her dark brindle.

But wait, that was not the end of the Fergie antics.

If cats can do it, so can Fergie   

We usually have a cushion or two on top of the kennels, we through them down on the floor when everyone is out when we are home. I was sitting at the computer when I heard whining. Worried that something was really wrong, I turned around to see Fergie lounging on the cushion on top of the kennel.

Really Fergie? She was terribly cute. That’s not something we really want to cultivate however. That’s a mighty big picture window she could hurt herself on.

I fear that a day without Fergie would be a day without a tornado. Our little girlfriend keeps us on our toes.

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