Celebrating Vanessa

Vanessa Johnson   

Our dogs have brought the most wonderful people into our lives. I am often amazed at how rich our lives are because of them.

Vanessa was one of those people. She owned and operated Shuttle Pets. She transported pets all over the United States and Canada. When Zip’s breeder in Florida asked if we would like him, we said yes before we thought about the logistics. Fortunately for us, Shuttle Pets was out there.

When I contacted Vanessa last December, she said she would be happy to transport Zip from Florida to Oregon, but we would have to wait until the chain and snow tire law lifted on April 30.

Five months to the day, Vanessa arrived at our doorstep with Zip. We loved her instantly. We only had a few hours with her, but she was the kind of person you want to be friends for a lifetime.

We learned today that she had been involved in a single-car accident. They towed her rig and a policeman took her to a pet-friendly motel. I don’t know any other details except that she passed away sometime. We were very sad when we heard the news.

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  1. I am so sorry to hear that Vanessa has passed away. I’m sure when she got to The Bridge she gathered up all the dogs that had no one to wait for and took them over The Bridge with her.

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