Our Shuttle Pet friend is missing


In May we had the wonderful fortune of having this woman transport Zip from Florida to Oregon. She is amazing with the dogs and we felt so good knowing that she was transporting him. We knew where she was the entire week got pictures along the way.

Tonight I learned that she has not been heard from since November 28. This is very out of character for her.

This is the post on Facebook tonight:

VANESSA JOHNSON, SHUTTLE PETS (canine transport service) – She left her daughter’s house Wednesday in Glenside, PA and her daughter said she wasn’t feeling well, she had flu like symptoms. She picked up a dog in Burtonsville, MD and her destination was Kalamazoo, MI. She never made it to Kalamazoo and has missed two more pick-ups. This is not like her. She was suppose be taking I370, I270, I70 to the Pennsylvania Turnpike & then I 80 to I69. Please check rest stops along the way if you are travelling these routes. She is driving this RV. Her voicemail is full. Her daughter, Novice, has filed missing persons report. Truckers Alert has been notified. If anyone in the states through which she would travel has seen anything, or heard of an accident involving an RV, please comment so information can be passed back to her family. Folks on the west side of MI especially PLEASE be on the look out for this RV and Vanessa!)

If you follow my post and you are on the east coast especially, please share.

Thank you.

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