Corn dog


I’ve lost count of the number of greyhounds we have had come through Greyhound Gardens. Wanna know how many we’ve had that have had corns on their pads? Three. Yes, only three. And yes, Miss Fergalicious is one of them.

Thank you Fergie. Not one, not two, but six. We think they probably came to life once she was able to chase around on the acre. Our vet she has only seen corns on greyhounds.

I joke with Karen that we should have kicked the tires before adoption but the reality is, once we met her, we knew she was our girl and she was going to come home no matter what. We adore this little girlfriend. She has brought a whole new level of spunky to family.

To all of our greyhound peeps out there, if you know of any really terrific, home-grown cures besides hulling that we can try for her, please let me know.

We are on the search now.

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  1. We’ve done two things, duct tape (repeated applications can sometimes pull the corn out-mixed success with us) and dremeling them down. The dremel didn’t seem to bother anyone and while it doesn’t remove the corn, it does at least keep it flush with the pad and makes walking easier.

  2. So far, we’ve only had one pup with one corn. We’ve tried various remedies, but it always seems to come back. We just use a Therapaws if we know we’re going to be out walking for a bit.

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