Ah, do we have to?


When Karen is working out of town, I have charge nurse duty. I have a whole new respect for vet techs and Karen.

It seems to take forever to finish passing meds. Three times a day Flo is subjected to a pill cocktail that would impress anyone. She gets these pills that are huge and are supposed to be chewable. She doesn’t like them and there isn’t a human comparable. We have tried a menagerie of goodies to get her to eat them on her own. So far we haven’t had any success. However, we bought some tiramisu for desert the other night and she loves the frosting, so I’ve been tucking the small pills down in the frosting. Eureka!

Timber is still taking very small doses of prednisone in the morning. We’re really lucky that he will still take his pills in a small raw hamburger ball.

Flocko takes phenobarb twice a day, he gladly takes his in kibble.

And then, there Minnie. Twice a day she gets this ribbon of eye goo for her pannus. I have to pay her in treats. It’s not her favorite time of day.

Permanent charge nurse is not in my future.

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