Welcome home, the doctor will see you now


I so hate to interrupt regularly scheduled programming, but Slinky needs a few paws crossed for her.

We got back from southern Oregon late Sunday night. It was an amazing trip and so relaxing. It really was something we needed.

Timber got car sick on the very first leg of our trip which set off an acute relapse of his inflammatory bowel disease. We were in close contact with his Dr. via the phone for the first three days. We picked up more meds on our way through Coos Bay and by the third day he was back to his old self.

Flo went on a hunger/no I am not taking my meds strike while we were gone. Since she had a vet tech staying with her, she spent some quality time at the vet clinic while we were away. She is now eating again and taking her meds in a pill hide-em contraption. We take a bison jerky treat, lather it with peanut butter, stick the pill on top, glop on more peanut butter to safely hide away any resemblance of a pill and then carefully place another bison jerky treat on top.

We call it her PB & B sandwich. Her heart rate has come down nicely and her respirations are good.

My last hair color job isn’t holding up so well right now.

But our poor little Slinky. The night before we got home, we think she may have been bitten by a spider. Her front paw swelled up and is quite painful for her. We got home from the kennel too late to get her to the vet last night so we opened the clinic this morning. X-rays showed that it was just soft tissue swelling. Thank you, thank you.

Tonight she is miserable, not eating and only going outside with her sister.

Hopefully by morning, after 24 hours on antibiotics, she will be feeling better. Any good thoughts you can send her way we will happily share with her. She is such a sweet, sweet girl and we love her so much. She and her sister are 12.5 years old and I start getting nervous when we hit 13 years old.

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