Happy trails boy-zois


Our much needed zoication is about to begin.

We are loading the borzoi into the car and driving from the Astoria to Brookings, Oregon down Hwy 101. We’re renting a house right on the beach in Gold Beach.

This is a much needed vacation. Last night when Karen was driving home from work on I-5, traffic was heavy and it had been raining. Traffic slowed, and then it stopped, except Karen. She hit the brakes but the car slid and she rear-ended the car in front of her. Thankfully nobody was seriously injured, but she totaled the car she hit and the verdict is out on our Element. It could go either way for our car.

Any way, we leave Thursday.

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  1. Glad to hear everyone will be okay and you will be on your way, soon to enjoy the family time, the beauty of Gold Beach, and plenty of R&R. Wishing you all ‘Happy Tails.’

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