I think I’m losing my marbles now

Danny Bleu   

I walked into the living room the other day and I swear I saw Danny Bleu laying on a cushion. I looked away and he was still there.

That night as we were watching TV I saw a shadow running into the house from the back yard into the kitchen and that happened two or three times.

We have said good bye to many of our greyhounds and things happen around the house all of the time that are remnants of behaviors past, but I have never ever been wide awake and at the same time see one of our dogs.

I guess everything that has happened over the last few months is starting to catch up in my brain.

It’s probably a good thing we are going on vacation in a few weeks.

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  1. When my husband and I first got married, we had two cats, Scamp and Blizzard because we lived in an apartment and we couldn’t have dogs there. When we bought our house, they were quite happy to transplant there with us and enjoyed living in the house for several years with us. One afternoon, I came home to find that Scamp had fallen asleep in her favorite spot of sunshine and died there. Two weeks later, Blizzard got very sick and passed away as well. In life Blizzard was a curmudgeon who really only liked me. In the mornings when I’d get ready for work, he’d come in and spend time “scratching” on the shower curtain while I was in there, then he’d jump in when I was done and lick the water off my legs and from inside the shower. I was really the only person he ever seemed to have much regard for. Most of the day he preferred to hang out in the basement, which he considered his domain. Anyway, for months after he passed I could swear I heard him outside the shower and could see his shadow through the curtain. It was so odd that sometimes I’d actually stop what I was doing and look out. I never saw him there, but it was comforting to feel him still there in that old routine.

  2. It was him! He wanted you to know that he was okay, and check that you were too, with all that you two and the pups are going through —

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