So many things


Our little monkey is doing really well. She tolerates her eye drops like and a champ and although we still see some evidence of the pannus, we really hope we have it under control.

Flo is doing really well. Her heartbeat is still irregular and fast, but she’s happy and barky and eating well.

Sara gave us a bit of a scare today when she had a hard time walking on her left side. We made our way to the clinic and there wasn’t anything remarkable, her xrays looked good and tonight we are keeping a close eye on her.

Yesterday marked two weeks from the day we lost Crystal. My heart still aches for her, I miss her so much.

We have so many things to be grateful for and yet… I long for one more day, just one.

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  1. So glad Minnie is doing well. Hope Flo continues to enjoy life. Really hope nothing comes of Sara’s problem.

    Crystal will be having fun at The Bridge and looking down on her family.

    I hope many more days are to come.

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