Another update for Flo


Flo started another heart medication in hopes of getting her rate down last week. Now in addition to 100 mg of lasix, 12.5 mcg of digoxin, 15 mg vetmedin, she is taking 120 mg of diltiazem every day now.

Yes, the girl has her own 4x per day pill box.

The congestive heart failure she was originally diagnosed with is now resolved. Now we are dealing with atrial fibrulation and degenerative valve disease which will never be cured, mitral valve regurgitation, and enlargement of the left side of her heart. The atrial fib could potentially correct itself but the rest are all considered chronic conditions that we will treat with the above cocktail of meds.

Today I took her back in for another EKG and lab work. Her heart rate has decreased significantly, it’s still very irregular but it is down in the 160s from 320 when we originally took her in. A normal heart rate is between 100 and 120.

She seems a little more logy than normal, but other than that she seems comfortable, has a great appetite and is enjoying the pampering.

Ah yes, still on the “one day at a time” band wagon.

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