Love, laughter and loss


I’m so sorry, another repost from my other blog.

When I wake up in the morning, I know that decisions will have to be made during the day. Some major, some minor. At the end of the day, I want to fall asleep never having regretted any of my decisions.

Our hearts are shattered into in a million pieces tonight. Our sweet little pocket rocket Crystal is gone. Just when I think I am out of tears, they fill-up and flow again.

I will never regret the day we had our friend spring her from a Craigslist ad. I will never regret the amount of love and laughter that she poured into our hearts. The hole is huge and empty and painful tonight, but I know how this works. We will love again and again, that is what Karen and I are made of. And I certainly will never regret our decision to amputate her leg 10 days ago. We had a chance, we took it. We were dealt the osteosarcoma card again. Someday we will win. I know we will.

To all of the cyber hugs and good wishes that were sent our direction these last two weeks, we thank you. Who would have guessed how much a hug through cyber space and a thumbs-up would have such an impact, but it does.

To our vet clinic, our vet, our vet techs and staff, thank you for loving our girl just like she were your own. Every minute that she was in your care I was confident that it was the best and most loving that she could get. I know that she broke a piece of your hearts off too, she loved you all.

Crystal, many would say that the skies will have a bright shiny star tonight. You and I know better. You are a comet racing across the sky leaving behind you a trail of love, laughter and joy.

We will miss you so much girlfriend.

Crystal aka Rebel Crystal • May 23, 2003 to August 22, 2014

8 Replies to “Love, laughter and loss”

  1. I am so sorry to hear Crystal has gone to The Bridge. You did your best by her right to the end. She’ll be racing round with our fur babies at The Bridge, until it’s time for you to go and fetch her.

    Sending hugs.
    Sue & Polly

  2. Oh no, I’m so very very sorry! What a difficult month you’ve had. But also filled with love. Sending hugs to you all, hounds and humans ~

  3. Just so sad. Crystal was lucky to have found you guys, and have had a second chance, and a third chance with the amputation. We have had amputations, and have currently have a Craigslist dog. And we would do both again. It’s so hard when they leave, but are so happy to have had whatever time we have with them.

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