Saddle-up girlfriend, looks like we’re gonna ride


Well, except for the buckets and buckets of puss that continue to drain, Crystal is doing really well. She motors around on her three wheels as if she never needed the four leg after all.

I was most encouraged when I got a message yesterday about a greyhound that is 27+ months post amp and chemo. And, that there was a study about infections and cancer, dogs that got infections actually did better because the cancer got caught in the cross fire.

Tomorrow she will go in under anesthesia and they will flush out the area and place a drain.

Then, when all is well, we will go forth with chemo. We will keep a very close eye on her quality of life. That will always be first and foremost in our minds.

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  1. I’m a bit surprised that the vets didn’t leave a drain in the operated area at the time of the amputation. Do you know the reason? I’m sure they have a good reason, I just don’t know it!

    I’m so grateful that Crystal has you and Karen to guide her through this trying time. Let me know if you need a bit of financial help. I will donate!

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