A good news, bad news kinda day


Crystal was still pretty punk this morning. The fever was gone, but she didn’t want to eat, she didn’t want to walk and she certainly didn’t want to go back to the vet clinic for another day on IV antibiotics.

They x-rayed the stump and found a few pockets of gas, most likely from the bacteria. She still has quite a bit of drainage. She’s been on antibiotics since the surgery, but boosting her IV antibiotics really seemed to help.

We are still watching her, but there is a chance she might have to go in for more surgery to remove some of the tissue. We are hoping not.

When we got there this evening, she was very excited to see us. She sat right up. Gave Karen a million kisses and even gave me an eargasm when I rubbed her ears. All of those were so good to see especially after she has been so down.

One of the drugs we added to her cocktail is SamE. It’s an over-the-counter natural remedy that is supposed to help with pain and depression. She was definitely happier tonight. It was start of the quality of life we promised her when we decided to amputate the leg.

As feared however, the biopsy came back. Yes, once again osteosarcoma has reared it’s ugly head in our lives and in one of our dogs. I hate that disease. It’s evil and it’s ultimately deadly.

This time is different. We have already amputated the leg and it has been our experience that we say good bye anywhere from three to six weeks mostly because of the pain. We honestly don’t know what to expect. We will talk to our vet about chemo after we get the infection problem cleared up.

One day at a time girlfriend, one day at a time.

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  1. (((Crystal))) Polly and I are sending positive healing thoughts. We hope she improves daily and doesn’t need another op. Give her a big hug from us.

  2. Best of luck to you. We did amputation and chemo. I got another year with my girl for which I was grateful for every minute. Girly Girl took a few weeks to get back to normal after her amputation. She kept trying to use that leg and screaming in pain. That was the hardest part. Wondering if I did the right thing. But then she healed and ran and played and did everything she did before, only now on three legs. She even spent as much time as ever rearranging her blankets with her one front leg. We’re pulling for you guys. So many more are living well past a year post amputation. But I to HATE this disease. It is truly evil. And unfair. And indiscriminate. And maddening.

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