Two steps forward, one step back


Well, today did not go according to plan. Poor little Crystal developed some blood blisters during the night in the tissue where the blood was pooling. Karen noticed them at 3:30 this morning when she got up to check her. She was definitely feeling punk this morning and since Karen had the day off, she whisked Crystal off to the vet clinic. She had a temp of 104° and the blisters were beginning to drain.

She was on IV antibiotics and fluids all day. By noon her temp had dropped to the high normal range. She was a bit more perky but her new best friend Stumpy wasn’t being so friendly. It is hurting her.

The Doc is going to give her two days to see what happens with the draining and depending how she looks then, she may be going in for more surgery.

She’s home with us tonight. She ate, she’s been out to pee, but I really think it hurts the stump to walk.

It will be back to the clinic for more IV antibiotics in the morning. Poor little punky. I’m so sorry Crystal.

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  1. Wishing all of you guys the strength you need, especially Crystal. We know you already have the love part covered really well.
    Mia and family

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