Another update from the gardens


We said good bye to our lovely little senior lady today. Sheesh, this just isn’t getting any easier. Jori was 14.5 years old which is pretty darn good for a greyhound. Age had taken most of it’s toll on her legs, they just couldn’t hold her up like they once did.

It was beautiful though. Our vet came to the house and underneath the plum tree, resting so peacefully, she let out one big sigh of relief and raced toward the rainbow bridge to see all of her friends.

Jori is the one dog that knew everyone, she was one of our first greyhounds, a foster failure.

Here’s the link from my other blog, both of our daughters came down. Jori was part of their growing up too. Celebrating Jori


Crystal is doing a little better each day. She’s eating with gusto although she has turned her nose up on the Darwin’s raw and has decided she wants kibble. That’s fine, except that on kibble she was incontinent and she had protein in her urine. Arghh, hoping this is just a blip.

She is walking pretty well on three legs, but definitely tires quickly. We watch her pretty closely. Karen will be home with her tomorrow and I will stay home with her the rest of the week.


And Flo, the cardiac kid. She had another EKG last week amongst the rest of the chaos. Her heart rate is still too fast, so we shall add another pill to her already out-of-control cocktail. She is not the easiest dog to get pills into. She is wise to all of the tried and true tricks of the trade which leaves us no choice but to risk the ends of our fingers when we shove them down her gullet. It is also not a bonding moment for us.

She remains happy and full of zest for life however.

I think that brings us up-to-speed with the gardens.

Onward and upward, one day at a time.

6 Replies to “Another update from the gardens”

  1. So sad about Jori, but glad that you had as many years with her as you did.

    Have you tried raw chicken hearts for pills yet? They are the only foolproof method to pill my dogs. The natural chambers inside the chicken heart are perfect for tablets or capsules to be pushed into completely. My dogs don’t even hesitate, it just goes down the hatch.

  2. Beautiful Jori will have loads of fun playing at The Bridge until it’s time for you to go and fetch her.

    Glad Crystal is doing well and hope the diet doesn’t cause problems.

    Hope the higher dose of meds helps Flo.

    Polly and I are sending positive healing thoughts and huge hugs to you all.

  3. I’m so sorry that you had to let Jori go. Even knowing that she’s moved on to a better place doesn’t make you miss her less. And fingers crossed for the other two Greyhound patients!

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