Crystal, day 2


Just one more repost from my other blog.

When we walked into the vet clinic, Crystal’s vet tech looked at us and said, “She is amazing!” Tears of joy in both of our eyes blinded us temporarily as Janene told us that she was walking with support, she had figured out how to balance on her back leg and she was able to lay down by herself.

Karen and I agonized over our decision on Monday. I don’t know that we will ever stop second guessing whether or not we did the right thing. It is so hard loving our dogs so much and wanting to do the right thing. We still have no idea what is ahead for us, but we’re ready and Crystal is ready. Karen and I both have Friday, Saturday and Sunday off to help her adjust and I will probably stay with her next week.

I have to insert here that all of this wouldn’t happen without our incredible vet clinic staff and techs. Time and time again I have watched them take our pets into their care as their very own. They are simply the best.

We’re planning on bringing Crystal home tonight. When we left her at the e-vet clinic last night for observation, she gave us a look of really? Are you really leaving me here again? She’s ready.

I raced around yesterday morning picking up a few more items, a big orthopedic bed, a harness and a soft bucket just in case she wants to pick at her stitches. The harness doesn’t fit her correctly, so I’ll be heading to a sporting goods store to pick up a different one to try this morning.

Thank you for all of the words of encouragement and hope. We are platinum card carrying members to the club “One Day at a Time.”

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  1. I am so glad Crystal is doing well and I assume home now. Now she’s where she should be there will be no stopping her.

    Polly and I are sending positive healing thoughts and gentle hugs (((Crystal))).

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