Where’s Pete?


We have a routine around here, well, kinda, sorta.

Everyday without fail, I go home at lunch to let the dogs out. Pete always goes out with the first group. Once they are outside, I run in and fix my lunch and then let them in. Everybody was standing at the door. Except Pete. I always panic first and think logically second.

It’s been too hot here lately and we have a baby pool near the door filled with fresh, cool water. I should have looked there first.

Instead I called out for him.

Arising from the pool, dripping wet, Pete came running. Of course, because I was letting then in, all of the doors were open and Pete made a mad dash in the house and upstairs to his favorite cushion.

And then I wonder why the house smells like a wet dog.

4 Replies to “Where’s Pete?”

  1. So funny! He’s a good boy to come running when he’s called, Asher sometimes won’t even flick an ear let alone come running!

    Last night I ‘lost’ Frankie! I thought he might have snuck behind me when I was outside filling the woodbox. He’s not allowed out the front at night in case any of the neighbours cats decide to visit! I went out the back and called, out the front and called and through the house and called. Then I finally remembered that before I’d had a shower I’d fed all the dogs and Frankie chooses to eat in his crate … which is where he had been quietly waiting for the past 30 minutes for his stupid Mum to remember him and let him out … duh!!

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