Settling in


She seems to be doing really well on this last mix of pills. As long as we feed her just the right food, this week it’s Stella and Chewy’s only, she’s eating well.

All of the lasix she’s on has her peeing like a wild woman. We have just accepted the fact that the rugs are going to have to have a regular washing when we have to be gone from the house for more than an hour or two.

Flo is comfortable however. It feels like her heart rate has decreased. I take her back in on Wednesday for more blood work and whatever else they need to do.

One day at a time.

4 Replies to “Settling in”

  1. What a sweet photo of your lovely girl. Though we never think of it when our pups are wildly healthy, it’s always one day at a time. I hope she has many many many more and continues to do well!

  2. Emma taught her that old trick, leak all day and they won’t leave you! What can I say the Pants wanted to pass on the wet pants trick.

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