You still have it


Jori is the oldest greyhound in the gardens. She’s 14.5 years old.

She’s feeling her age. It’s getting harder and harder for her to get around. Every meal is a bit of a struggle. Every day it’s a big question mark about what she will eat. The heat wave we just finished was horrible. Last weekend Karen and I looked at each other and wondered if it was time.

She is such a good girl, always has been.

So tonight when I was trying to come up with some fodder for the blog, I took the camera out and thought I would get some photos of Minnie. Jori was certain she needed to come out at that very moment. She slowly wandered out to the grass like she does and all of a sudden she saw me sitting out there.

I’m pretty sure Karen and I both held our breath in horror as she ran right out to me, she even has all four’s off the ground. She’s going to sleep good tonight.

Girlfriend, you still have it.

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  1. Honestly I think I would have burst in to tears as soon as I’d taken the photos! What a gorgeous happy face and so much love in Jori’s eyes 🙂 It looks like there’s plenty of life and living in the old girl yet. Hopefully she can hang on until the weather cools down.

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