Keep good thoughts for my girls


So my flight leaves tomorrow morning at 6:20 am and I will return in the wee hours on Saturday. I pretty worried about my girls.

Emma didn’t finish her dinner tonight, that is until Holly hand fed her. It’s been hot these last few days, so I’m hoping that it is just the heat. Never the less, please send Holly and Emma some really good vibes, the mama bear is a long way from home for a few days.


Karen will be in charge of the home fires here. Jori, cruising in at 14.5 years old is slowing way down and having a harder time as each day passes at getting around. Once again, I’m blaming the heat, but she is now refusing about half of her meals. That is never a good sign. Send Karen and Jori a little extra strength and some positive thoughts.

This probably has to be one of the hardest trips I’ve taken. I just have to remember to be positive.

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  1. Sending positive thoughts and hugs to Emma and Holly. Also to Karen and all your dogs, but especially Jori.

    I hope you have a lovely time at the course.

  2. When our Lilac got older, she became the world’s pickiest eater! I swear she did it just to worry me. We had a lot of bouts of me begging her to eat and “sweetening the pot” with extra goodies. It’s tough, I know! We’re sending both girls lots of good thoughts!

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