Looking over her shoulder


Our house is about a quarter mile from the high school. It’s never been a problem. The kids that walk by have always been good and they never taunt the dogs.

Timber loves having the high school so close because on his walks he frequently get extra loves and attention from the students.

However, during the fall and spring, they have noisy outdoor sports. Football in the fall and track in the spring. Crystal and Flo are petrified of the noise.

I suppose it’s the loud speaker and lights during football season.

For track season though, it’s the gun they shoot to start the races. The entire evening they are just miserable, unwilling to go out and in Flo’s case, she won’t even eat her dinner. Since we get a break for winter and summer, we forget how much they dislike the noise. Tonight track season kicked off. The minute I saw them on the field when I drove by I remembered.

Poor babies. They wish that it were basketball indoors all year long.

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  1. Poor Crystal and Flo. Wonder if using DAP (dog Appeasing Pheromones) would help. Here we can get collars (although not sure if they would be ok on a Greyhound), plug ins and sprays. I used the sprays a lot when I had Song, as she was a very anxious girl. I’ve also used the spray at the beginning of having Polly. It seems to make them calmer. The idea is it’s the smell a lactating bitch gives off to her puppies to keep them calm. The smell isn’t noticeable to humans.

  2. We’ve had good luck with the Thundershirt for things like that. I’m wondering if a little melatonin (which is a natural sleep aid) would help them, too. We’ve had good luck with it.

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