No, no, no


It was just past midnight. We’d been up since 4 am. Time for the puppies to take their last pee break of the day.

Karen reached down to scratch Joey’s ears. And. The. Puffy. Ear. Came. Back. Insert a few explicatives here. We can’t believe it. Going in for surgery was so traumatic for him and so worrisome for us.

We called our vet. Nobody really knows what causes the puffy ear. We really don’t want to load him up with prednisone especially when it didn’t work the first time. The new plan is just to ride it out. It’s not hurting him, it’s not doing in harm.

But damn, it would have been so nice just to have it healed completely.

4 Replies to “No, no, no”

  1. Ugh! I hate when you think you’re final over something, and it comes back. We thought Jenny was over her leaking problem, then found a wet spot on the bed the other night where she had been sleeping. Back to half a proin, and it seems under control again.

  2. There is a vet in Yuma AZ (DR Suzann Stack, DVM), who is spmewhat of a specialist in greyhounds, and I wonder if she might have info on this puffy ear thing.

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