Momma found a new settee


A friend texted a friend that texted me to tell me that this little beauty was at a local antique shop.

It’s not like I needed another settee… but this one was blue.

I had just left the chiropractor and thought I would pop by. I played little mental games with myself. If there is parking right in front of the store. If the store is even open yet. If it is $400 or less. If there aren’t any tears in the fabric.

I scored on every if. It fit in the back end of my Element perfectly.

I was supposed to have the settee.

And besides, Pete looks stunning in blue.

4 Replies to “Momma found a new settee”

  1. When I got my first glimpse of the photo, I thought that the wood trim behind Pete’s head was a set of antlers, but when the full picture showed, I saw that it was the wood trim on the settee! The settee is very beautiful, and Pete is especially gorgeous on the blue color!

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