I didn’t forget his birthday


On the contrar. We actually took Pete down to the riverfront for his inaugural sunset photos. I had just set up when one of our favorite vet techs wandered by. I absolutely had to take advantage of he and his dog.

Pete graciously stood aside while I worked with Major.

Once we got home, I realized I had lost my wallet, probably rolling around on the ground with Major. We raced back to the riverfront, but my wallet was no where to be seen. I immediately canceled all of my cards (trying to explain to a computer voice that you don’t have the card number because the number is on the card that is lost is close to impossible).

I found all of the stuff I needed to hopefully get my driver license replaced and set out to enjoy the rest of the week end.

Long story short, Monday morning I was racing out of the house to run to the DMV when low and behold, there sat my wallet between the wall and the toilet.


To my boy who ever so gently wrapped his paws around my heart when I really needed him, Happy 5th Birthday. I’m so glad you came into our lives. You are my Perfect Pete.

Here is the link to Kevin and Major.

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  1. The heart attack from the wallet was a bit of drama(the telephone calls about the calls to the credit card companies) but it makes us so relieved to find it later. The photo of Pete is lovely!

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