Why oh why


I have always, always, always loved senior dogs. I’m sure we will forever have a place in our hearts for them.

But please tell why once turn 14 they all of a sudden become old.

Jori turned 14 last month and just this week we have watched her become a little old lady. Her appetite is dropping off and she has always been a fussy eater. She’s sleeping more, we have to beg and plead to get her to go outside.

Oh Jori dear, please just let this be a short-term phase.

7 Replies to “Why oh why”

  1. Lilac used to go through those phases, and just when I’d think “this is it” she’d rally and start doing much better. They sure pull on your heartstrings, though!

  2. Hope it’s just a phase! Maybe she just wants a change of food? She might have seen the other seniors get something extra. 🙂
    Our Maggie is a super picky eater, but she loves the stinky whitefish and potato food that we’ve been giving them the last few months. She’ll even push Duke out of the way to eat his.

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