Another game of Name that Twin

Twin 1   

I can’t believe that our week-end is over. It was better than awesome.

I want to put up some new photos in my office, so one by one we took each dog out to the studio for a little portrait session. They all did so well.

When the New Year rolled in, I told Karen I want to make it a point to get the dogs out every month for photos. Losing seven last year was devastating and it just goes to prove they won’t be with us forever.

Twin 2   

Yup, they all rocked the camera today.

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  1. Jillian #1, Slinky #2? Man, you lost 7 dogs all up? That is so tragic 🙁 A real test of character for sure. We know they aren’t going to live forever but to lose so many in such a short space of time is so unfair. Gorgeous photos of the twins. Looking forward to seeing everyone else 🙂

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