To the vet we go


Well, the course of steroids and antibiotics did nothing for Joey’s ear. It isn’t as red and inflamed, but it may be even more puffy.

The plan is we’ll drive up to the back door of the vet clinic tomorrow morning and they will come out and sedate him in my car and then we’ll transport him in to do whatever they have to do.

I was so hoping we could just take care of it.

Joey will be 13 in May. He’s an entirely different dog from the dog he was when we first adopted him, but I still hate putting him through anything that is scary.

Wish us well, wish us luck, send us any good thoughts you can muster.

6 Replies to “To the vet we go”

  1. hang in there joey! you’re braver than you think you are! terri and Karen, you two hang in there also! waiting to hear how it goes.

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