Puffy ear


Really? Haven’t we had enough? Last July Flocko had puffy ear. Apparently the correct diagnosis is a hematoma. They treated him with a course of steroids and it went away.

Now, Joey has puffy ear. He brings a whole new twist to veterinary care.

He was known as a spook when we first adopted him. He was scared of everything, including but not limited to new people, the wind, a fluttering leaf, cars driving by, changes in routine and let me emphasize new people.

We took him to the vet about a year after we adopted him. He panicked, his temp rose to 107°, it was extremely scary. They took him to the back room to get him cooled off in a bath and he panicked more and his temp continued to rise. It was awful. Now, our beloved vet comes to the house to see Joey and he does much better. Fortunately, Joey is just one of those healthy dogs.

Long story short, Joey is on the same course as Flocko. Let’s hope we are just as successful this time again.

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