Signed up for cold laser therapy


Crystal, our sweet little pocket rocket will be 11 in May and she’s starting to show some stiffness and weakness in her hind-end. Of course we have been worried about it, 11 isn’t that old.

After a consultation with our vet, we decided to try cold laser therapy for her and we really think it is helping. She still has days where she didn’t move as fast as she once did, but there seem to be fewer of them.

There has also been an extra benefit. She’s been leaking urine and that has dramatically diminished. Her therapy was 3x the first week, 2x the second week and 1x the third week, but I suspect that as long as she continues to improve, she’ll become a regular.

Besides, she looks really hot in the doggles she wears during treatment.

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  1. Glad to hear it is working so well. We’ve had good luck with cold laser and acupuncture before. One of our girls sometimes gets leaky. Cold Laser is in her future if she gets creaky.

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