You’re driving me to drink


Some greyhounds are very stoic. Their leg could be falling off and you would never know it. Minnie, not so much. Last Thursday she had a limp. I played the 24 hour rule card and buried my head in the sand. Friday morning, I ran her over to the vet clinic just to make sure. They didn’t do xrays, but didn’t think it was anything so they sent me home with Rimadyl.

She did great over the week-end until last night when she played chase with Pete. She stopped suddenly, held up her paw and cried out.

To say the least, our hearts sank and a few tears escaped down my cheek. I was pretty booked today, but the first chance I got, I ran her over to the clinic and handed her leash to the vet.

I told her that I didn’t want any diagnosis that couldn’t be fixed. They xrayed her from stem to stern and saw nothing. They are sending them out just to be sure.

I like the diagnosis and I’m hanging on to it for as long as I possibly can. She’s on limited activity, Rimadyl and I’m taking her in every day for cold lazer treatments.

Minnie, you are going to drive me to drink.

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  1. Minnie is so gorgeous! Hope she’s feeling better soon.
    Duke could beat her for drama queen – he gave me a heart attack by hopping on 3 legs! Turns out his feet were too cold in the snow, he was running up and down the basement steps once he warmed up in the house. 🙂

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