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I think I have mentioned in past posts that Karen is now working in clinics outside of Salem. Because she is a nurse, she is able to keep busy. It also translates to her sometimes being gone Tuesday through Friday. She’s been able to commute home the last few weeks, but when the snow hit last Thursday, she stayed in the town she working Thursday night. She got about 12 inches of snow on Thursday and another 8-10 inches on Friday. The plan was that she would drive very carefully home on Friday night.

Minutes before she was to leave the clinic, I-5, the main thorough fare between here and there closed down due to an accident. I called her and told her she might want to get a room and then I promptly pulled up Google maps looking for alternate routes. It wasn’t until I clicked on bicycle routes that I actually got another way home through the small country towns.

Keep in mind, she was only 27 miles away. Several hours later, she arrived home safe and sound. I was thrilled. I really wanted help photographing all of the dogs out in the snow. We only get storms like this once every five years and since nearly our entire pack is ten years old and older, most of them probably will never get another snow day.

Crystal was thrilled to have Karen home. Karen in Crystal’s favorite human. She danced through the snow as she and Karen walked the acre.

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  1. Storms like this make for great photo ops, but not so much for travel. Philly is about 5 hrs from home, but with the impending storm coming through this week, I think my return trip is going to take quite a bit longer

  2. What a great photo and reason to celebrate a safe and sound homecoming. Such joy on Crystal’s face! Glad Karen made it home safely; it certainly was a white knuckled long weekend for travelers. Needless to say, this transplant will be buying chains.

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