Another painful week in the gardens


It was another not-so-great week here at greyhound gardens. Slinky had a swelling in her jaw that we recognized immediately. She had an abscessed tooth that had to go.

Soupie poopies have haunted us all week.

But the news that has brought us all down, especially my youngest daughter, was saying good-bye to Blender. I just haven’t been able to put her loss into words yet.

7 Replies to “Another painful week in the gardens”

  1. I hope Slinky is soon pain free.

    Sometimes no matter how we look at the loss of one of our fur babies, it doesn’t make it any easier. They are in our hearts forever. she’ll be having fun with our fur babies at The Bridge until you go and fetch her.

  2. So, so sorry for your hearts. May sadness and loss soon be replaced by the love, laughter and light our Joys, now on the other side, bring to us.

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