Tell me why again


Things have changed around her a bit. We’re adapting, we’re moving forward, but it hasn’t been without a few challenges.

A few months ago Karen started to travel for work. She’s gone two to four days a week. It gets lonely around here and Timber misses her most of all.

This boy is so darn smart. It’s her job to sit down with him every time she leaves to tell him she’ll be back. But he misses her, I miss her.

We’ll be strong and change is always good. But every time Karen leaves, she has to explain to Timber that she’s leaving and when she will be back.

4 Replies to “Tell me why again”

  1. I’m on the road about 2-3 days a week. I too tell the kids that daddy is leaving and how many days I’ll be gone. I’m sure they’re dreaming of my return while they’re napping 🙂

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