Danny Bleu   

I hated going back to work this morning. I spent nearly my entire vacation hanging with the hounds in my sweat pants. For me, it was perfect. I took a trip here and there for photos, but if there was an option, we just hung out. I even went so far as to make my evening meal toast and jelly just so I didn’t have to kennel every one up.

I felt guilty leaving them this morning. I’m not really sure why, they have waited for us to leave to and return from work for their entire existence at Greyhound Gardens. It’s how we pay the kibble and the vet bills.

My last dream before I was rudely awakened was of Danny Bleu. His head and ears were up and he was alert, comfortably resting. He looked so beautiful and peaceful. He was watching me.

I can still see him in my dream as clear as if he were actually there.

We have held many paws as they crossed over the bridge. I miss them, but I don’t normally dream about them.

Yes, Danny Bleu, I miss you.

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