Blender, then and now

Blender circa about 2004

On New Year’s day, 2002 we drove out to Waldport, OR to adopt our first greyhound from Homes for Hounds. There were seven dogs there to greet us, each one putting their best paw forward. Three of them were jet black and oh so beautiful. My youngest daughter disappeared into the kennel of a little girl that was so shy. She spent the entire time hovering at the back of her kennel not wanting to be noticed, but Holly only had eyes for her.

My hand held the leash of a strapping young man we re-named Fonzi and Holly ever so tearfully said good bye to the sweet, shy greyhound.

Rayetta was so impressed by Holly’s tenderness to the shy girl that I got a call from her just a few weeks later asking if we would be willing to foster the shy little girl. It would only be for a month or so until Blender gained her confidence.

Blender was my first real introduction to fostering, to having an extremely shy dog, and to foster failing.

Blender came as a foster in March. She became a member of the family in June.

Blender circa 2013

And now, Blender is nearly as white as snow. Our little girlfriend will be 15 in June.

Blender dahling, you wear your snowy white well.

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  1. it is so hard to believe all these years have just whizzed by and blender is now almost 15 we did good, blender, we found a soft touch who turned into your miracle. take care little girl.

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