I’ve been very, very good

Perfect Pete   

Dear Santa,

I have been in my new home now for nine days. I have been so good, they call me Perfect Pete. I wag my tail all of the time and I always keep a close eye on my new mom. I have a cushion right beside her underneath her desk, it used to be occupied by Danny Bleu and when he never came home from the clinic, I began to lay down there so she wouldn’t be lonely.

Last night when she patted the bed beside her I laid down by her legs. This morning when she woke up, I was stretched out beside her with my head resting on her shoulder. I have done my very best to help her through her sadness this week.

The rest of the gang and I are ready for you to bring by our toys and treats.

Love, Pete

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  1. pete and timber-thank you for the Christmas greetings! molly and I wish all of you a joyous Christmas and holiday season!

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