Changing of the guards


Skirvee was always our goofy greyhound. He knew how to make me laugh.  And today, an unexpected smile crossed my face.

Skirvee always took great pleasure in nosing his way in between our legs. Most of the time he would catch me off guard, come in from behind and throw me off balance because I would instantly become high-centered, he was just tall enough to do that. He loved getting his scratches that way and he did it often.

We really don’t have any other greyhounds that do that. Until today.


I was running the dogs for their noon time run and giving them loves as they came in when all of a sudden a greyhound appeared between my legs. I was shocked. But what surprised me even more was that it was Jillian, Skirvee’s litter mate. She has never offered to do anything like that, she is more of a side swiper kinda girl. And even more, she stayed while I scratched her ears.

An animal communicator once told me to watch for signs of things that only Talley did after we lost her. We would know that she had come back home.

At that very instant when Jillian came up between my legs, I knew that Skirvee was back home, safe and sound.

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  1. I’ve had those sorts of moments through the years, and I’ve always found it comforting. Although, fortunately for me, none of those moments involved a hound running between my legs! olol

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