More power of the paw needed

Danny Bleu

I know that I have probably out-asked my quota by now, but we need some more good thoughts… anything you can send our direction.

He’s been getting a little weaker in his hind end, he’ll be 13 in May and we thought that maybe it was just an age thing. This morning however, he was really wobbly and panting very heavily.

I took him into the vet clinic as soon as they opened their doors. X rays revealed a bulge between the vertebrae. He spent the day at the clinic on a fentanyl drip, had a tiche of Ace to calm down and we started him on prednisone. The radiologist feels that it is acute that was probably fueled by a chronic injury.

Tonight he is at the e-vet clinic.

Our vet does not feel that he is candidate for surgery and knowing his personality, we agree.

He’s my bleu hoo, my Danny Bleu. I am so scared.

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