Just checkin’


I took Slinky in for her first check-up since they released her on Tuesday. To say the least, she looks fabulous. (the photo above is not current). She still looks a bit like franken-hound, but everything is healing so nicely.

The last words out of her doctor’s mouth Saturday night before she closed her up was that she would most likely have to have a second surgery. The brilliant and amazing doc saw her today and she’s thinking that Slinky might not have to have any more surgery’s. We sure are hoping that is the case. On Sunday her face and neck were so swollen, she looked like she had the mumps. By Tuesday the swelling had gone down, but her face still looked more like a doberman than a greyhound. Tonight, she looks like a greyhound.


I’ve been taking Flocko in every day to get his dressing changed and so that they can look at his incision site. I haven’t seen it yet, but the doc thought he was looking pretty good too. He actually jumped into the car today even though he doesn’t want to walk very much on the leg.

Yup, it won’t belong and our boy will be jumping and running after toys again.


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  1. I have so enjoyed reading your posts and admiring your photos, I wish I could take me greyhound to you for a photo shoot but Australia is too far away. I am probably more Australian now than American but I did live in Bend for space of time and graduated from the University of Oregon. Lovely too have a glimpse of my past life, I am also a proud owner of a rescued greyhound, my biggest regret is I didn’t get one years ago. Would have more but the husband hasn’t come around – yet.

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