One of those days


So, it goes like this. The little bunny that has been in our yard, is still here. He’s quite happy munching down on the apples, ears of corn… just about anything we want to send his way.

We contacted the local rabbit rescue and they have room for him. Sunday night we set out a “have a heart” trap and the little bugger is avoiding it like the plague.

Today, the volunteers at the rabbit rescue came out to see if they could catch him, but he’s not having any of the that.

I really enjoy the little guy, but I worry about him. We live on a mildly busy street, but most importantly, we have greyhounds. Several of them, even in their teens would think it was yah hah time if he ever got back to where they are at.

When I came home at noon to let the dogs out, I heard them barking at the fence. I thought it was probably a rabbit, but when I went to check on them it was actually a very beautiful red boxer/pittie dog in the neighbors yard next door. When he saw me in our backyard he promptly exited the yard. I went out front to see if I could find him, but he had disappeared.

When I drove home from work I could see him in the field next to the high school. I ran in, grabbed some treats and a leash and headed over to the field. Karen went ahead of me because she just has this way with dogs, but as soon as he saw us coming he got up to leave. He’s holding up one of his hind legs, so he’s been hurt.

I’ve posted in the lost and found pets of Salem, looked on Craigslist and found nothing.

I feel so bad, so helpless. 🙁

6 Replies to “One of those days”

  1. doggies are hard to catch, and bunnies even harder!! at least you tried! we have a scabby looking old cat hanging out in the laneway behind our neighbour’s place. Every time I see him I have Barbie with me though so I havent been able to get a better look at him yet :/

  2. Hope the bunny can be caught.

    Also hope the dog can be got. Maybe a rescue place would set up a trap. If you see it again, try putting treats into a bowl and rattle it.

  3. If that bunny has lived this long, he’s definitely knows what he’s doing. Hunting season starts soon, so I’m sure I will be helping a few lost ones get back to their hunters, like I did last year. Hope the boxer/pit mix figures out you guys are trying to help, and comes back.

  4. Aww! I agree that if the rabbit has survived this long, he has some pretty good instincts. Your winters aren’t terribly cold so he could end up being okay. Hopefully the little mutt will decide to trust somebody and come in out of the cold!

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