Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce


Special orders are what you should get us…

I love our little old ladies, I really do. But holy smokes, trying to get them to eat their meals can be a huge, giant challenge. A meal without a special topper is torture and if it isn’t the right topper, then that constitutes true abuse.

I only wish they could sit down with a menu at every meal and show us exactly what they want, it would make our lives so much easier.

But no, some days, we have a true smorgasbord. Blender wants this, Jori wants that, Jillian wants none of those. And Barney, why he would eat everything they don’t want and it it drives him crazy when they don’t eat.

Yup, ya gotta love those senior girlies.

2 Replies to “Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce”

  1. My senior girl, Stella, is the same. It’s hard to say No to a tripod. The others hover knowing there’s a good chance she won’t finish. We are currently working out way through a whole boiled chicken as our topper right now.

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