New treasures


I’m trying to make up to everyone. They will be the first to try out the new treasures in my little rustic studio.

Yesterday I hit pay dirt. The garage is not heated at all, so I’ve been in search of an electric fireplace. They are easy to find and quickly climb in price. I don’t have a lot of room to work with, it’s only a two car garage and the settees take up their fair share of room.

Once again, Craigslist came through. We were on our way to the greyhound picnic and because I tend to get a little nervous before photo sessions, I get quiet and Karen surfs on her iPad. She just happened to find this little beauty. It’s not huge, but boy does it throw some heat. Getting the flames to show up however, is a whole new challenge, I don’t think we are quite ready for prime time… yet. I’ll figure it out, until then it will drive me crazy.

My other treasure was the welcome dog. He was in the silent auction and definitely a must have.

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  1. Can’t wait for my friend to visit from Indiana so I can make an appt. and bring her with me to have Mia’s greyt picture taken! She’s been following your blog for awhile and is the one who tuned me in to it while I was living there as well. Your studio is done with such loving care… You guys are doing a terrific job and have greyt taste in your finds 🙂

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