A new supplement

Danny Bleu

Danny turned 12 in May and he started to show a little weakness in his hind end. I tell you what, it sent me straight into a tither. He is my Bleu Hoo after all.

So, Karen pulled out her trusty iPad and started doing some research. She came up with the supplement called “Mobility.” It’s elk velvet antler. The product promises that the elk aren’t harmed and that it is a renewable resource. It also says it has been used in eastern medicine for 2000 years.

He’s been on it for about three weeks and I think we are seeing a difference. At least I sure hope so.

Are you using a supplement you really love for senior dogs? Have you tried the elk velvet antler?

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  1. there are so many supplements it is hard to tell what is best…. I tried Bender on glucosamine and fish oil for his hips and it didn’t seem to do much – I think he is too far gone for that kind of thing and we keep a stock of NSAIDs on hand in case he really hurts himself…. mostly he is OK, it’s just after a hard run or a cold night that he gets stiff.

  2. All my kids get a human glucosamine/chondroitin & fish oil pill with their breakfast. I remember getting antler velvet as a kid. Can’t remember why. I also got lots of boiled bark and herbs, and lots of ginseng too. Part of growing up as an Asian kid of my generation.

  3. I’m curious if a thorough check up at the vet was clear? My male Val has weakness in his hind legs and his was ostersarcoma.
    I’m interested to find out if your baby does well on elk antler velvet!

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