24 hours


24 hours ago Karen and I were slogging three inches of water out of our garage. You know, the garage I had turned into a rustic studio. All of my settees got their feet wet, the rug I had down on the floor was saturated and my backdrop had started to wick water up it. It was a mess.

Karen and I worked together like clockwork. I would sweep water up from the back of the garage toward the front and she would push it the rest of the way out.

It was a freak storm in Salem. First rain of the season really. Our rock hard, dry clay soil just let the water flow over and I’m guessing the water took the path of least resistance. Right into the garage and laundry room.

And then, when I drove into the driveway tonight, this little guy was there to great me. I’d heard rumors that he was around.

Black bunnies aren’t bad luck like black cats are they?

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