Hey, do I know you?


I am completely enchanted in my little world of dogs. I have met so many wonderful people and for that, I am truly grateful. Timber opened up pathways that I never even imagined. One of the channels belongs to his litter mates.

When Timber joined our family, one-by-one I was introduced to his litter mates through Facebook. Walter, AJ’s dad and I probably messaged the most and when I told him we were coming to New England, he invited us to Connecticut.

Once we arrived, we felt like we had known them forever, even AJ.


I have only briefly looked at the photos that I took of AJ and his sister Lily, but I tried to pull just a couple and then find a companion of Timber.


I had this one on my monitor when Karen walked into the room. At first glance, she thought I had a photo of Timber up.


They definitely look alike.



Except AJ is a whole lot more white and his butt is incredibly fluffy and gorgeous. AJ looks like their dad.


And Timber looks like their mom. Timber also needs some hair tonic, he hasn’t quite filled out yet in the coat department.

We also got to meet Aidan—the sire to the litter, Wizard—an uncle, Platina—Lily’s mom (AJ’s sister), and Neo and Sparky—two other litter mates.

I was so glad that we made our way down to Connecticut. Our brief stay was wonderful.

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  1. It would be so awesome to meet litter mates and parents of our dogs. I have no idea what Beryl or Frankie looked like as puppies, although Frankie was about 10 months old when I got him so still a bit juvenile. Have you got any baby photos of Timber? AJ looks wonderful, I did a double take when I saw his top photo 🙂

  2. Borzoi are so beautiful…. 🙂 it’s funny seeing littermates and picking their similarities and differences. For the first two weeks of having Olive stay with me I kept calling her Mouse by accident even though she’s a lot bigger than Mouse and has a totally different personality!

  3. I adore Borzoi, and how freaking cool that you got to meet some of Timber’s family! That would be worth the trip out east alone for me. I’m so glad you got some beautiful shots of them!

  4. I raised Timber until he was shipped out to Oregon, I have hundreds of puppy pics. I’ve posted some to Terri’s facebook. Timber was part of a 10 puppy litter from a first time mom. Dad won the breed in Westminster in 2012, Mom is self red like Timber, Sparky, and Armani. I have Zip, a black and tan spotted on white. Three sisters are sabled gold (or gold sable, there is a difference, it’s confusing), three are marked like dad. I wish we could have all gone up to meet together. 🙂

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